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"Because everyone's got something to hide..."

Judith August Cosmetics is a complete line of creative "cover-ups". Judith, a former fashion model, has come up with original and award winning solutions for covering up everything that "ails you" from blemishes to dark circles, acne scars to post-surgery discolorations, spider veins and even tattoos!

Her Everything Pencil comes in six great shades from ultra light to cinnamon and can be used many ways: to conceal, as a highlighter, base, under eye solution, dark spot neutralizer, you name it! Made in the USA, cruelty free, enhanced with aloe vera and vitamin E, this pencil goes straight to the front of the line in my portable beauty book of secrets!

Reasonably priced and color-blendable for a perfect skin tone match, beauty editors and beauty Doctors love this pencil as well!

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